Ways to Donate

Be part of Halifax’s new YMCA! Donate today.

Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or make a pledge for up to five years, your contribution will bring us one step closer to realizing a healthier and more connected, inclusive, caring, and prosperous community.

You’ll receive a charitable tax receipt from us for all donations of $25 or more. Charitable tax receipts can reduce the actual cost of your gift by up to 54% (for residents of Nova Scotia), depending on the amount donated and your income tax bracket.

We have many options available to help you make a gift to the YMCA in support of the John W. Lindsay YMCA. Please call us with any questions!

The YMCA accepts Visa and MasterCard for online donations. You can donate online by clicking the button below, or call us to make a donation over the phone.

Please make your cheques payable to “YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth” and mail or drop it off to YMCA Association Services. Please enclose a fully completed pledge form, or email us the information on the form at the email address below.

We request that you do not send cash to us in the mail due to security concerns. Please visit us at YMCA Association Services instead to make a cash donation in person. Please also enclose a fully completed pledge form, or email the information on the form to us.

Our team will work with you closely to ensure your donation of securities is as straightforward as possible. Please follow the instructions for donating securities.


If you or your company wants to independently hold an event or special initiative to raise money for the new John W. Lindsay YMCA, please call (902) 580-2740 or email us!

Donations Contact Information

Attention Sarah MacDonald, Director of Fund Development
YMCA Association Services

YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth
5670 Spring Garden Road, Suite 306
Halifax, NS B3J 1H6

Email: sarah.macdonald@halifax.ymca.ca
Office: (902) 430-4016

Questions about making a donation?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please call or email to speak with us!


To date more than 200 donors have donated $10.1 million towards our $10.5 million goal. A special thanks goes out to our foundational donors who came on board early and provided the means and the inspiration to bring us this far! Thank you for your commitment to our community and helping us to build a healthier, more inclusive, connected, prosperous, and caring community.


Cornerstone Donors

Cliff & Jill Langin
Lindsay Construction
Mickey MacDonald, Colin MacDonald, & John Risley
Robert & Kathleen Richardson in Honour of Steven & Shirley Clarke
The Sobey Foundation

Marjorie Lindsay
John Lindsay Jr. & Anne Campbell
Jack Flemming
Margaret & David Fountain
Fred & Elizabeth Fountain
Marjorie E. Fountain


Foundational Donors

Scott Langin in memory of Hollie Langin
Scotia Fuels Ltd.
Don & Elizabeth Mills
Milford Investments (Edith Mingo)
The Armour Group Ltd.
Kirk McIntyre
Stewart McKelvey
J & W Murphy Foundation
David Murray
Robert Orr
Shirley & Steve Parker
RBC Foundation
Catherine Read in memory of David Read
William Ritchie
George & Anne Rodger
Jean & Robbie Shaw
Margot Spafford
TD Bank
Bruce Towler
The Windsor Foundation
Ocean Contractors Ltd.

Anonymous (5)
Gregory Auld
June & Gregory Baird
Jim MacGowan in honour of Marilyn MacGowan
The John & Judy Bragg Family Foundation
George Caines in honour of Sandy Caines
Paul & Lorraine Campbell
Paul Christie
Peter Conrod
Cresco Developments Ltd.
Robert & Janet Crozier
Ernst & Young
The Fulcher Foundation
Phil Fraser
Phillip Gaunce
Canada Life
Halifax International Airport Authority
Larry Hayes & Sharon Nicolle
Bob & Anna Healy
Fred & Ann Honsberger


Community Leaders

Stephen Lockyer
Kirk & Beth MacCulloch
Scott MacMillan
Karen MacRury-Sweet
John McCulloch
Rod McCulloch
Oriel McLellan
Peter Polley
Brian & Jodi Posavad
Sandy Rutledge
The Shaw Group
Allan & Leslie Shaw
Hugh Smith
Larry Stordy
Roger Sinclair
David Wallbridge
George & Margie Waye

Anonymous (3)
Alan Abraham
David Cristie
Peter Doig & Karen Crombie
Doug & Joanna Boyd
Dan & Linda Campbell
Wes & Diane Campbell
Lynn Coveyduck
Marilyn & Fraser Dewis
Laddie & Karen Farquhar
Peter & Carol Fardy
Patty Faith
Bill Greenwood
Karen Gardiner
Peter & Mary-Ellen Gurnham
Brian Jessop
Owen Everts-Lind
Pink Larkin

Community Builders

Anonymous (1)
Stephanie Baker
Kristy Bourgeois
Lorrie Turnbull
Marilyn MacGowan
Jennifer Berry
Bloom Non Profit Consulting Group
Angela Birch
Lydia Bugden
Grant & Alice Burley
Steve Butz
Shaun Carvery
Jackie Clavel
Stephen Cochrane
Allan Cocksedge
June Cook
Steve Countway
Shanti Dogra
Vida Doucet
Jonathan Dyer
Jacques Dube
Dunn & Associates
Bridget Ebsary
John & Marilyn Edgecombe
Jason Edwards
Sharon Elliot
Rick Emberley
Sarah Ernest
Patty Faith
The Five Fisherman
Andy Fillmore
Scott Fisher
Sonya Fraser
Amber Fougere
Kelly Gallant
Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Ltd.
John Gillis
Hugh Gillis
Victoria Goldring
Glen M. Flemming
Edwin C. Harris
Lisa Harrison
Jill Houlihan & Dereck Thibault
Rob Huestis

Staci Latham-Murphy
Susan Nixon in memory of Murray Nixon
Wilfred Jackson
Robert Kelley
Bernie Lee
John Mabley
Stephen MacDonald
Tara MacDonald
Sarah B. MacDonald & Adam Barrett
George & Gina MacDonald
Norma MacIsaac
Robert Mann
Kevin McCann
Stuart MacLean
Barbara Miller-Nix
Marilyn Montgomery
Janice Mrkonjic
Duc Huy Nguyen
Stephanie Nickerson
Northern Business Intelligence
Holly O’Leary
Kim Parker
Jim Pomeroy
Ian Porter
Brenda Reid
June Reid
Rimot.io Inc.
Mary Ritchie
Matthew Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
Rogers Communications
Amanda Rose & Dan Chevrier
Michelle Ryder & Jeremy Holmes
Jim Sadler
Stella-Marie Sirois
Gail Sloane
Nathan Sutherland & Rachel Pink
Laura Taverner
Noel Tilley
Urban Development Institute
Carole Vipond
Bette Watson-Borg
Ian Wilkie
Robert Whalen
Thomas White